Heritage Corner's unique creative approach exposes hidden narratives and engages participants and audiences in understanding African history/heritage and connections to Yorkshire.

Our award-winning Leeds Black History Walk is a fascinating stroll featuring an expert cast of historical figures who bring the inspiring narratives of Africa's hidden past to life.

We work across sectors and age groups, using our paid commissions to support provision within communities, particularly projects aimed at young people. We work with aspiring and experienced artists to deliver projects that are empowering and informative for all.

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Ouladah Equiano Heritage Corner


What people are saying...

  • Really worthwhile and full of information. Love the use of performance to portray characters and bring history to life.
  • A brilliant walk which shares (African) history in a well-researched, knowledgeable way. We need more of this input in our schools.
  • This is the second time I've attended the walk and feel there is so much more to learn. Joe’s knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm mean I could easily stay for the whole day.
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