The Heritage Crew Indigo project will look at The Journey of Indigo and Textile in the African Continent in connection with the Caribbean and Yorkshire. As intrepid researchers, the project will delve into how the Atlantic slave trade played a part in the mass distribution of materials that we use today and how this streamlined through to the Caribbean (plantations) and developed Yorkshire's Textile industry. We will look at international and local history through a series of skills-based workshops, both research and practical based with professional artists both in Leeds and in the Caribbean. The textile project will develop your skills as an artist/creative with research tasks, and arts engagement. The sessions will empower the youth to be self-led and make their own decisions per session and outcome.

The project will offer a multitude of skills such as learning how to dye fabrics with plants, how to access and look through the archives within Leeds, learning more of the African contributions to the development of Leeds textile growth, and other textile skills such as sewing, pattern laying, and learning how to turn a vision into a reality with our end of project creative expression which will be featured in a 3-day exhibition.

This is an 6-week-long project run by Ginalda Manuel and assisted by Liv Dixon and Tshayi Hercules, taking place during the November and December months. This exciting new Project will include trips, a heritage walk, and special visits and lessons from local Chapeltown curators.

If you are interested in being involved in this project, it is important to note that any participants are required to show full commitment throughout the course of the project. Exceptions due to unavoidable circumstances are accepted, however, we expect committed dedication and attitude from all participants. Thank you.   

This is a 16+ course. You must be between 16 - 25 years of age to participate.

The project will be taking around 15 - 20 applicants

If you are interested in taking part and exploring the journey of African textiles and how it relates to us even today in Yorkshire, please fill out the application form Here: and submit it to our email inbox - or for any inquiries or concerns 


What people are saying...

  • Really worthwhile and full of information. Love the use of performance to portray characters and bring history to life.
  • A brilliant walk which shares (African) history in a well-researched, knowledgeable way. We need more of this input in our schools.
  • This is the second time I've attended the walk and feel there is so much more to learn. Joe’s knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm mean I could easily stay for the whole day.
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